A family trip

Ellooo you beautiful amazing people! How are you? 

I think I deserve the best blogger award because you guys are blessed with an awesome post each single day, aren’t you?it’s not like I posted aaaages ago and didn’t write anything 🙂

Anyhoo! I’ve got a reason for not posting! (Yes,apart from my tests and exams) Me and my family went on a holiday trip for a few days and oooohhhhhh it was so so good! I really want to go back! 

The thing I realized from this ‘trip’ is that it’s always good to take breaks between your work. Like honestly my whole day revolves around my phone and (school) books and to be honest it can get very very boring and dull. It’s always good to breathe ain’t it? I’ve been very happy since I came back and of course feel fresh and frik. 

So yeah that was why I didn’t post!

(Sorry for such a short and boring post! I’ll write another tomorrow or ‘someday’)

Thank you for reading and I love you all very very much!

Bye bye!


Reasons To Love Yourself

Hellooooo you beautiful amazing people! How are you??

Before I start this post let me just say,I was watching Marcus Butler’s video the other day (I don’t normally) and I realized that my intro is the same as him. I did not know that. 

This post is slightly different from what I usauly post but I really feel the need to write this.

I know I know,everyone’s heard of the ‘love yourself’ ‘you’re beautiful no matter what’ but I know for a fact that most people just say it but don’t really believe it. But honestly, you should. You should definitely. 

Now when you hear someone say this on social sites,you’re probably like ‘they don’t even know what I look like’ ‘I’m actually ugly’. It’s actually not that! You don’t have to be good looking in order to be called beautiful. I know for sure that each one of my follower is beautiful because I’ve talked to a lot of you and you are all so amazing. Each person always has the nicest thing to make the other people feel better and to help them in any way possible. Now that’s beautiful.

Sometimes,one is conscious about the way they look like, maybe their body maybe their hair or something like that. If you’re not comfortable within your skin,work. I’m not gonna say that if you don’t feel comfortable,you will eventually. Take me for example, I was not,absolutely not,happy with my body. I felt conscious about it but I thought that I’d get used to it but I didn’t. I hated it everyday. So then I worked for it. I now workout twice a day and go for a walk for an hour everyday and I’m really proud to say this that I am happy now. 

There are actually quite a lot of reasos why you should love yourself. 

You’re smart. You’ve got a blog which everyone loves. You are sweet,you are kind, you’re loving and caring even when you say you’re not. You know that too so don’t deny it. You make others smile,even when most of the time you don’t even know you did,someone was smiling because of you. Either you complimented them or got them something it could literally be anything. 

Obviously I have missed out a lot of reasons why you should love yourself, so why not you think about them yourself?

So yeah,thats it!

Thank you for reading. I love you all very very much!

Bye bye!

How To Make Your Life Better

Hellloo you beautiful amazing people! Before I start this post,I just want to thank you guys for the birthday wishes (which was yesterday) so thank you sooo much! You’re all very sweet and lovely!

Okay now you’re probably thinking by the title of this post that this is so not Dziey. Believe me,the old Dziey wouldn’t believe it either but ya know,time changes people!

So yeah,I’ve got a few things that will help you make your life better. Now I don’t know how bad your days are going,whether you’re depressed or anxious or have some family problems. And I can’t know that either but I’ll try my best to help you get out of this mess. I’ve been taking these steps since the end of 2016 and they’ve helped me a lot!


Yes,this is Dziey saying that. I’ve changed! Boom! But seriously,I know you’re tired of hearing this but trust me,stress would get you no where. I remember how I used to constantly stress over tests,or exams or some personal things but now looking back,I only want to laugh about it. 

Think of it this way,do you remember that thing two years ago where you thought you were so done and just wouldn’t be able to live? Well you’re here now and if you look back it doesn’t even seem that big! 


Since the end of December, I’ve decided to go healthy. I know this is strange cuz you’re probably like Dziey would never say that but I am! 

First thing to make clear is that don’t skip your breakfast or lunch or dinner. Even if you’re not happy with your weight or body,never do that! Trust me,I know the best! I’ve suffered from eating disorders and done things you could never imagine but it’s bad,it’s really really bad. Don’t eat unhealthy. By working out and eating healthy,I’ve been able to get the body I’ve always wanted and I’m happy with that so yeah,do that!

(Try to) Accomplish your new year resolutions

You’ve literally spend your whole life not doing anything from that list of yours so this is the perfect time to get them done! Even if they don’t go according to plans,there’s always a second chance!
I feel like this post is getting really long so I’ll stop and probably make a part 2 of it!

Thank you for reading and I love you all very very much!

Bye bye!

Short People Problems

Hello you beautiful amazing people! How are you?

As you can guess by the title,there are a lot of problems you gotta face when you’re a short person.I thought I was 5’3″ but I checked and boom! Turned out I was 5’2″. ANYWAY, I’m short. At least shorter than everyone around me and I hate it very very much. So here are some problems short people have to face

You look younger than your actual age

I swear I hate it so so much. It’s literally not a week till I turn 18 and nobody believes that! Even my mum and my aunt starting arguing that I’m turning ’16’ like what the phack -_- . My sister is like 2 & a half years younger than me but she gets called the older one…

Not being able to reach the top shelf

Either it’s the grocery store,a bookstore or your own kitchen. I always ask me brother to help me with that who is like 6 ft. And it makes me mad that he’s got a good height and I don’t :/

Anyone who sits in front of you is a human giraffe

No offense to tall people but seriously, literally anyone who sits in front of me is taller than me and always blocks out my view

Old clothes still fit you

My shirts which are like 5 years old still fits me perfectly. I swear I’m not exaggerating. And I look like a tiny chipmunk in all my new clothes

It’s ‘cute’ when you’re angry

It’s not. It’s actually not. Whenever me and my brother fight (which is rare,we usually just wrestle for fun) he literally lifts me up and throws me on the bed/couch. Sad sad life

Hearing the ‘you’re short’ comment every time

Like dang! Thank you very much,I did not know that!

Well these very a few problems of being a shorty. I know there are some perks of being a short person as well and I might do a post about it too but ehh
Thank you for reading!

Bye bye!

Things A Bibliophile Can Relate To

Hellloooo you beautiful people! How are you? In case you don’t know what a bibliophile is,it generally means ‘book lover’ and if you know me then you know how much I love books! Also,I managed to read 65 books last year so I’m proud of myself for that 😀

Being broke is the worst thing that can happen to you

Currently me. Honestly,if you’re broke then it means that your world has end. It’s ruined. It’s done. You can’t buy anymore books. What’s left of the world then? Haha just kidding. I took it to extreme but still, being broke is bad. 

Waiting for the book that hasn’t been released. 

But the worst one is when you have to wait for a book in a series! Like sometimes you have to wait for a year! Why can’t they release all the books at the same time? 😦

Lending your book can be a struggle

Seriously! What if they FOLD a page! Do you know how bad that can be? Well that’s really bad I tell ya!

Constantly arranging and rearranging books

I don’t have a bookshelf because my room doesn’t have that much space but I’ve got this table-ish thing where I put all my books and I’m always arranging them when I get bored either by alphabetical order or color or whatever. 

You can never be lost in a mall

Because your family /friends can find you in the bookstore. Duh. 

Finding someone having the same book taste as you is the most amazing thing!

That’s self-explanatory ain’t it?

So I hope you like what you read and that you could also relate to it it!
Thank you for reading!

Bye bye!

I’m so sorry!!

If you think that it’s a goodbye post or whatever then I’m sorry, it’s not 😀

Anyhoo,there are a lot of things I want to say sorry for to you guys on here. Firstly, I’m so so sorry for not being active and just being not ‘punctual’ on here.

Secondly, I’m so sooo sorry for not following back! I remember I used to be very good at that but now,I mean I don’t mean to brag or anything but as you now know,I login after ages so there are a lot of new followers so it takes a lot of time! And you know how bad of an internet connection I’ve got so…I’m honestly so very sorry!

Third thing,I’m sorry for not reading you guys’ posts. I feel so bad because you are always here when I need you but the pathetic me isn’t. I swear I try really hard! I promise I do! But it’s just that for a really long time, I wasn’t well so I wasn’t on my phone much and after that the studies got in and I had to catch up on a lot of stuff and I’M SO SORRY!!

Last thing, I’m sorry for not replying to ‘some’of the comments! I know I seem quite arrogant or whatever when I do that but really I’m not!(well that’s what I think) 

I know I’m not like the old ‘Dziey’ now and I’m honestly so very sorry. And I’m very disappointed in me self. I am,really. 

So yeah,I hope you forgive me for being such a pathetic blogger cuz it’d be really nice :))

Thanks for reading. 

Bye bye

2016 Recap!

(I put the exclamation mark as if I’m about to write something really exciting smh)

Hi y’all!! How’re you doing? 

Before I start the post lemme ask,have y’all checked out the new WordPress update? Like you can actually edit other’s comments now. I don’t think that was necessary but oh well

Kay so I don’t know how to start but you can already tell by the title that I’m just giving a recap of this year of ‘my’ life. So yes,this is a boring post as usual :))

Anyhoo,I must say that this year was a bit of a rollercoaster and no,I don’t say this to (on?) every year. Firstly,last year that was 2015,on December I made my blog and it went really well in 2016,well according to me but I made the worst decision of my life by deleting it. Such an emotional story,I know. 

Then coming to my school. I joined this school almost three years ago and only this year I got to like it a bit better. It’s pure shit but has gotten a bit better. I said this last year as well but I’m really thankful for my friends and honestly guys if you’ve got nice friends then trust me,you’ve got everything. They’ve played a major role in making my year great.

Then comes my (awful) school result. Well it wasn’t that bad but I didn’t get the position or grades like last year so that sucked kinda but oh well that’s life isn’t it? 😀

Thennnn I made a blog again to destroy y’all lives 🙂

But the worst thing that happened in 2016 was that I had few anxiety attacks and yes,I know typical teen shit,but still. It’s bad stuff. And if you’re wondering (which I’m sure you’re not) yes,I still have them.

Another really bad things that has happened is I’m turning 18 and I’m still single. What a rough year 😀

So I hoped you liked what you read and if you didn’t then oh well, I’m sorry to waste your time 

Thanks for reading!

Bye bye!